Los Angeles council OKs law protecting cyclists from harassment – latimes.com


Good stuff. We should get something like this in the UK.

The ordinance … makes it a crime for drivers to threaten cyclists verbally or physically, and allows victims of harassment to sue in civil court without waiting for the city to press criminal charges.


Slide To The Train « The Pop-Up City

If you’re often running late for the train, you might want to try and get this installed.
Shouting “wheeeeeeeeeeeeeee!” on your way down is compulsory.



Hitchhiking snails scoffed, pooped out alive by birds • The Register

You wouldn’t have thought that snails would benefit from being eaten by birds, but check this out.

Scientists have discovered that certain species of Japanese snail can not only survive being eaten and then excreted by birds, they actually benefit from the process in many cases by finding themselves deposited in new uncropped habitats

Fascinating stuff.